What’s it about?


‘The intersection with the individual artist is where that creative and innovative space actually exists – that’s where a new narrative is unfolded and what we have to do is to create an environment that allows that to occur.’
– Frank Panucci, Creative Intersections, IFACCA, 2012

The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) is a strategic partner in the King’s Cultural Institute’s Creative Futures programme.  Creative Intersections was a pilot project within Creative Futures that partnered artists with academics from different departments within Kings College London.  This project focused upon what is needed to enable small organisations or individuals to engage with higher education – but also what creates connections across often diverse academic disciplines.

The central component of this programme lay in the development of partnerships between artists and academics: artists across different art forms worked alongside academics from a range of disciplines conducting mini-experiments that had resonance for their own fields.  Practical benefits for each participant, be they academic or artist were of paramount importance.

Experiments were conducted over the summer of 2012 and sharing events occurred in the autumn at both Kings College London and at the RSA.  We also conducted a roundtable with those doing similar work across the UK – if you are doing something similar we’d still love to hear from you, please email Jocelyn Cunningham.

2 thoughts on “What’s it about?

  1. E. Lin Grist says:

    Would it be possible to listen to this discussion as an out of country fellow on the internet?

  2. Hello E. Lin Grist – thanks for your question. I’m afraid we are not going to be live streaming the event on the 8 November. We do however have visual minutes/illustrations from two roundtables that were held at the RSA in October which will give you a flavour of the discussion and the issues raised – you can find this in the recent posts about the two roundtables.

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